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DMC 2018 China International Mold Technology and Equipment Exhibition

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Update time : 2018-05-29 22:50:00
The 18th China International Mould Technology and Equipment Exhibition (DMC 2018) in 2018 will be held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai Hongqiao) from June 5 to 9, 2018. According to customs statistics, China's mold exports totaled US$5.248 billion in 2017, a year-on-year increase of 10.96%, making it the most cost-effective mold manufacturing base in international mold procurement. The organizer of DMC is committed to taking a global view and actively promoting China's mold industry to the international stage. This year's exhibition is moved to Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center, with 500,000 square meters of exhibition space, which is currently the largest and most competitive exhibition complex in the world. In addition, the exhibition period has been increased from 4 days to 5 days in order to create a larger communication platform for exhibitors and visitors, and greatly increase the trade value of the exhibition.