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Our Injection Mold & Molding Equipments

We are equipped with more than 30 injection mold manufacturing machines, including CNC machines, Digital-control EMDs and EWCs for injection mould fabrication. As well as over 40 Digital-controlled plastic injection moulding machines for injection molded parts production. As a China injection mold factory, we are capable of providing a full range of service from product design & manufacturing to assembly & worldwide fast delivery.

CNC Workshops:

A View from some corners of our plastic mold injection making workshop .We have imported 3 sets Makino EDM machines which are for mold metal removal during plastic injection mold manufacturing process when mold metal removal process is impossible to be handled with CNC and any other method of machining. We imported 7 sets Makino CNC machines which are machining all the plastic injection mould elements, such as mold cores, cavities, slider systems, locating ring systems......

Injection Molding Workshops:

A View from some corners of our plastic injection molding workshop.These machines are used to produce injection mould plastic parts for our clients worldwide. We have equiped with more than forty sets of injection mold manufacturing machines, whose tonnage are from 50T to 600T. In order to satisfy more and more to our clients form all over the world, Vulcan imported new injection moulding machines from South Korea. Now, Vulcan can produce the bigger injection moulding plastic at the lower cost and shorter time. As a Plastic Injection Mould Company, We are looking foward to have a perfect cooperation with you to make both of us become strongger and strongger, and welcome to pay a visit to our factory at any time you like. You are warmly welcomed to visit our company.

Injection Molding Machines List: