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2018 INTERMOLD Japan International Mold Manufacturing and Metalworking Technology Exhibition

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Update time : 2018-06-07 22:48:00
The 2018 Japan International Mold Manufacturing and Metal Processing Technology Exhibition (INTERMOLD 2018) will be held at the Nagoya International Exhibition Center from June 13 to 16, 2018. INTERMOLD is Japan's most advanced mold technology exchange platform, sponsored by the Japan Mold Industry Association, and has led the Japanese mold industry for more than 25 years. The INTERMOLD Nagoya exhibition newly added this year, the city of Nagoya and Aichi Prefecture where it is located, is a Japanese industrial center dominated by the automobile industry. There are not only the headquarters of world-renowned car manufacturers—Toyota and Mitsubishi Motors, but also a series of materials, parts and other supporting manufacturers focusing on automobile manufacturing. Aichi Prefecture accounts for 25% of the output value of automobiles. It can be said to be a pioneer in Japanese economy and technology. . The four-day exhibition will attract more than 460 regional exhibitors to attend and it is absolutely not to be missed.